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I'm back (from Russia)

Hello everyone!

I've recently decided I'm going to turn my old Peace Corps blog into a travel/life adventures blog. It seemed about time, with all the traveling I've been doing. Plus, my family has been telling me I need to keep them more in the loop, and this seemed like a good way. Now that I've moved to Key West aka paradise and I've been getting into lots of adventures, I should have plenty of stories to write about.

Anyways, what better time to start than now? Seeing as how my boyfriend and I have just gotten back from a 2 week trip to Russia, we can start there, the land of communism and vodka (and other great things, I'm sure).

Why did we go to Russia, you ask? Well, my lovely boyfriend, Vladimir... ...just happens to be Russian. The name may have given it away.
So, I packed all of the winter clothes I had (not enough), and we embarked on an 11 hour flight to Moscow! As soon as we got there, we took that opportunity to fall straight asleep...for the enti…

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