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Colombia Part I: Medellin

Medellin -

Day 1:

La Margarita restaurant to eat Bandeja Paisa - try it! You will love it. It is the national dish of Colombia. Its a huge plate of rice, beans, salad, ground beef, avocado, salsas and chicharrones (crispy fried pork).

Plaza Pablado - graffiti surrounding the square

Pueblito Paisa - the view. They also have a tiny old town Colombian square and traditional house to check out.

Carrera 70 in Laureles - where we stayed. Was a cool place to walk around day or night and we were told was a very safe area.

Day 2:

Too much Pablo Escobar...

Cemetario Jardins Montesacro

La Catedral in Sabaneta

The view from this place was amazing. You could see nearly the whole city and the countryside. And it's a steep winding forest path all the way up the mountain to this spot.

The city just went on an on as far as you could see. Even nestled in the mountains Medellin is such a huge city. Even with the fog covering the city in the distance it was a beautiful landscape.

Hydrangeas in bloom

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