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Couldn't get enough mountains: Colorado

Vlad and I just got back from another vacation! This time to Colorado. Apparently, we couldn't get enough of the mountains in California. Living in Key West, we wanted to have a real winter though, and we definitely got it. We flew into Denver, rented a SUV and drove to Breckenridge for some skiing.

Actually,  I didn't take as many pictures as I normally do on our trips. Partially because it was FREEZING, so I didn't want to have my hands outside of my pockets for even one second, and partially because we were on skis for most of the trip. I actually planned to take a camera skiing with me, but I'm glad I listed to Vlad and didn't take it, because I fell so many times, I would have crushed it.

This was my first time skiing. I had a lot of fun learning, but left Colorado with a nice new collection of bruises. Next time will be better, but I will also definitely be getting hand warmers.

Breckenridge was a nice little town, our own little winter wonderland. 

We had a …

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